Lore, Alignment, and Rule Agreements

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Lore, Alignment, and Rule Agreements

Post by Lilith on Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:25 am

Our Lore
After the unfortunate death of Uriel’s parents, Uriel found himself needing to seek solace alone. Leaving his younger brother to rule temporally, during Gabriel's rule, the kingdom came under sieged by an unknown force. The brave Gabriel took on this problem at it's root, unknown to his followers where exactly he had went. But when Gabriel returned, he unleashed a plague that twisted the living into undead slaves. The villagers that managed to escape found comfort in the rocky lands of Ira, despite the unforgiving wildlife. When Uriel returned he greeted by the murderous rampage of his brother. After nearly being killed he was saved the creature Apex and brought to re-cooperate in the refugee camp. There he begins to build his resistance, known as Guild Martivira.

You are able to decide what alignment fairs best with you. Will you join Gabriel in his mysterious and sinister conquest? Will you join Uriel and his noble siege for a better kingdom and a brighter tomorrow? Or will your loyalty lie in the unknown Kingdom tucked away in the islands of Vorel? No one knowns what goes on in Vorel...No one...

Rules and Rules Agreement
Post down below what alignment you side with and your written agreement to their rules down below.

Kingdom Rules: Ira
> No Harming Innocents.
> Follow instruction given by the King
> Help Those Less Fortunate
> Respect the Culture Around You
Kingdom Rules: Eden
>Must Obey the Dark King
>No Survivors
Kingdom Rules: Vora
>... Wait, What? We're a thing?

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Re: Lore, Alignment, and Rule Agreements

Post by Cassadee on Wed Nov 11, 2015 11:13 pm

I agree to the rules, and i would like to align with Uriel. ~Cassadee.

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